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Do you like baking? But not able to make your muffins Fluffy. Here this blog is meant for you where you will 10 tricks to make Muffins Fluffy.

Never use too much Liquid :-

If there is much liquid in your Batter then Your muffin can’t be made Fluffy, It is one of the common mistakes that we do, It is important to ensure that your mixture is not too Thick or not too runny, Proper consistency is important when it comes to baking. It is crucial to understand that Measuring cups for Dry and liquid ingredients works differently. Make sure to use the Liquid measuring cups / Jug. 

make Muffins Fluffy

Do not Over-mix the batter :-

When it comes to baking over mixing is a big no-no You should never over mix your batter, When you over-mix your batter it crushing with the excess Air forming small bubbles which then expands in the oven and makes them Airy inside, It results in a Dense Muffin, other reasons could be Adding a lot of Heavy ingredients such as :- Nuts, fruits / making the batter Very thick.

So next time keep a close eye on the amount of Ingredients you are adding into the batter and If using Solid ingredients such as :- Nuts, Fruits break it down into small chunks and then add them in the batter. Lastly, ensure that everything you’ve added in the mixture be it Flour, baking soda, Baking powder they all are completely combined. 

Do not Overfill the muffin mould :- 

We all want to bake beautiful muffins with tall, domed tops, but filling the muffin cup all the way to the top is not the way to make that happen.  We love to add all the goodies in our Muffin whether it would Dry fruits, Chocó-chips ,Fruits or anything else, but we must understand that It is a Muffin you can’t add in the quantity of topping you add to your Cake, even while baking a Cake or anything for that matter it’s important to not Over-fill it.

Over-filling can gave rise to multiple things as :- Over-rising of the batter, Almost to the point of spilling inside the oven or Pan resulting wastage of your Hard work and all the precious ingredients that you have added in. To prevent this situation you can simply leave Appropriate amount of space in the mould so that it won’t spill out or over rise.

Under-baking the muffins :-

 the time and before taking them out of the oven. Use a Tooth-pick to see whether the Muffin is completely ready. If the toothpick is clean then you are ready to Get them out. One more Tip :- Always try to let the Muffins cool down and set a little bit more and then demould them to ensure that types do not Stick Or break. 

Over-baking the Muffins :-

As under baking, Over baking is also a big problem when it comes to baking. It is always important to keep an eye on clock and the Temperature of your oven. 

Flour :-

The flour you use  also has role to play on how Fluffy your Muffin will turn, Flours such as :- Oats, Whole wheat makes muffins more heavier and Dense The flour you want to use depends on your Personal choice, This is not good or bad, Though If you want a more fluffier Muffin Try  using three parts of white unbleached flour for every one part of another grain flour. This will add nutrition to your batter, while keeping the muffins lighter. 

Leavening :-

For a Good, Light and Fluffy Muffin, It is necessary to note the amount of Baking powder and soda to add, Adding Baking powder and soda is essential to make your Muffin risen up and Fluffy. But it is more important to not how much to add. Too less Baking powder and soda leads to Dense muffin and too much leads to extra-risen up and ending up collapsing. So, It is important to note the exact amount you should be adding into your Batter. 

make Muffins Fluffy

Always Use ingredients at room- temperature :-

Adding all the ingredients such as :- Eggs, Butter, Milk at room temperature helps them gathering more Air and combine nicely with each other and expand during Baking in the oven. This helps in making Muffins Fluffy and Light in nature. 

Add Buttermilk to your Batter :-

Buttermilk works very well when it comes to making Muffin Moist and Fluffy, while making the batter Add Buttermilk to it, In case, you don’t have Buttermilk you can add some lemon juice in milk and make Nicely then add it in your Batter. 

Eggs or Sore cream :-

If you are comfortable using eggs in your Muffins then why not? Eggs are know for giving a Fluffy Texture to your Desserts. So, If you want to add them into your batter you Can. If not you can use Sour Cream instead it is good at giving the Light, Fluffy texture to your Muffins. 

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