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Add the right wording to your handmade cards with these phrases. You realize how magnificent it feels to get a card or letter… and we’re speculating you realize it feels quite incredible to send one, as well. So, we’re trusting you’ll cooperate with us for a National Card and Letter Writing Month challenge. Our objective: Send five bits of cheerful mail each week during April. Also, we will make it so natural. Track down our best tips for card and letter composing underneath. 

Embellishing your envelope 

We immovably trust perhaps the most amazing aspect of sending a card or letter is finishing the envelope 

handmade cards

Get together a few supplies

•    Tools: Pencils, pens and markers in a scope of tones and styles. Good and bad. Metallic, white, sparkle. Brush tips, wide nibs, calligraphy. 

•    Embellishments: Stickers, seals, washi tape. 

•    Extras: Graph or lined paper. Ruler, compass and square. Pencil and eraser. 

•    Sketch out you’re lettering before you start on the envelope to accommodate your format to your space. Attempt “thumbnails”— small drawings to play with shapes and sizes. 

•    Optional: Lightly pencil in your plan on the envelope before you draw out the markers. 

•    Don’t fail to remember the basics: Name, address, city, state, zip. For both the location and bring address back. The mailing station will bless your heart. 

There is zero need to have a main explanation or exceptional event to compose a card or letter. Here are a few hints for card and letter composing from our Hallmark scholars: 

•    Open it up. Start with “dear” or even “dearest.” Or attempt “howdy” or “hi” or the outdated appeal of “good tidings.” Add the beneficiary’s name and you’re off! 

•    Say why you’re composing. In case you’re sending a hello card that as of now clarifies it, avoid this progression. Something else, let the beneficiary realize what made you consider them today. 

•    Pro tip: Be explicit, similar to “I heard [name of song]” or “I heated [type of cookie] with your formula” or some other valid, genuine chunk. 

•    Go on a piece. Add a line or two additional regarding why you’re composing. Add a particular contemplated the story, an insight regarding the day, a commendation, or a remark. 

    Pro tip: Focus on the beneficiary and what they may need or have to hear from you. 

•    Reaffirm your relationship. Get done with a little token of why your beneficiary issue to you. It tends to be pretty much as basic as “you generally make me grin,” as genuine as “I care about you without question,” or anyplace in the middle. 

•    Pro tip: Be you! Your musings in your penmanship are what make this unique—not enormous words or colorful feelings. (Except if that is you!) 

•    Say it once more. End with a speedy token of your justification composing. It’s similar to a bookend… or the end of one of those five-section articles from secondary school. 

•    Pro tip: It’s completely fine to rehash “congrats,” “much obliged” or “expectation your day is cheerful.” 

End on a good note. There are so numerous magnificent approaches to close a letter. Attempt… 


All the best 

Good wishes 



Yours genuinely 

Your companion 


… and sign your name. That is, it! 

P.S. Your note doesn’t need to be long. Simply earnest! 

handmade cards

From you and your sibling(s), mate, accomplice or family 

•    “For everything you do and all you are, we love you… ” 

•    “As a mother, as a mother by marriage, as a grandmother—you’re really great, and we feel so honored to have you!” 

•    “Thanks for enduring us! We love you so incredibly, much.” 

•    “Thanks for making home the most joyful spot to be.” 

•    “We’re considering you with bunches of adoration today! Expectation you can feel it.” 

•    “Mom, you’re the magic that binds us.” 

•    “Mama, your affection addresses every one of us in the manner we need.” 

•    Helpful tip: If your relationship with your mom is confounded, don’t feel committed to make your message more free or unreserved than you feel. All things being equal, be warm and true in your card message. Zero in on what’s positive and valid between you. Reveal to her you’re thinking about her. Or then again just wish her an excellent day. 

For Your Wife or Partner 

What does a mother need to hear from her mate on Mother’s Day? It’s no huge secret. She needs to hear that her accomplice sees everything she does and likes her for it. A card is the ideal spot to say it. Furthermore, in case there’s a “you’re a goddess/holy person/wonder laborer” remark or a spa blessing endorsement to oblige it, then, at that point that would be preferable! 


•    “You’re more excellent than any time in recent memory to me.” 

•    “I love our family, and I love you.” 

•    “Creativity, chuckling, dedication… there’s such a huge amount to respect in the manner you do parenthood every day of the week.” 

•    “Happy Mother’s Day with all my thanks and love,” 

•    “Thank you for all the manners in which you blow away consistently for our family. The children and I are so fortunate to have you.” 

•    “I’m so thankful to be sharing life, love and parenthood with somebody as inventive and fun as you.” 

•    “From the second we met; you’ve had my heart. What’s more, considering you to be a mother just makes me love you more.” 

•    “Because of you, our family and our sweet home are worked around liberal, sacrificial love. Much obliged to you for making us all so honored—particularly me.” 

•    For the wife who is a stepmom to her mate’s youngster: “Thank you for being a particularly awesome mother to my girl. It implies such a great amount to see the manner in which you care for her… and the manner in which she cherishes you, as well.” 

•    “You hold us down, lift us up and keep us together—all with the power of your affection.” 

•    “You’re a supervisor mother and an excellent lady, as well. I love every little thing about you.” 

•    Helpful tip: Romantic or interesting messages don’t will in general go over too on Mother’s Day. Save those for your commemoration, Valentine’s Day or an on the grounds that adoration card. 

handmade cards

For Your Daughter 

•    “I’m so glad for you I can’t communicate it. I would have been glad watching you seek after any fantasy you picked, yet it makes me so glad that perfect one was to be a mother. Your kids are a wonderful impression of your caring heart.” 

•    “Happy Mother’s Day to our delightful little girl. Much obliged for being a particularly dedicated mother to a couple of our most loved grandkids!” 

•    “Now that you’re a mother, trust you know a tad bit of the delight I knew when I had you.” 

•    “With love for being a particularly extraordinary girl… and making me a particularly cheerful grandma!” 

•    “Motherhood is a particularly ideal articulation of the delicate, caring individual you are. It truly makes us feel good inside to see you with your son.” 

•    “You’ve consistently been so adoring. To see your adoration, unfurl around your family consistently makes me so pleased.”

At the point when You Cannot Be Together 

It’s hard when you can’t be together to praise all your #1 mothers on Mother’s Day. Yet, you can utilize your composed message to respect and like them, regardless of whether they’re across the globe or just across town. 


•    “Sending adoration and embraces across the miles to the best Mom ever.” 

•    “Thinking of all our pleasant Mother’s Day customs and wishing I could be there to celebrate with you today.” 

•    “I miss being with you on Mother’s Day, however I’m holding you close in my heart and trusting it’s a glad one for you.” 

•    “Happy Mother’s Day! Wish I could be there as soon as humanly possible close to you talking and chuckling the day away.” 

•    “Happy Mother’s Day from a far distance to an extraordinary mother. Miss you!” 

•    “Lifting a mimosa in your honor on Mother’s Day. Cheers from across the miles!” 

•    “Even however we will not will observe Mother’s Day together, it’s a nice sentiment realizing we’re actually associated in a manner that is greater than any distance.” 

•    “Near or far, I’m generally so thankful for the awesome mother you are.” 

•    “Wishing we were there to remind you in person the amount we love you, Mom.” 

•    “Have an extraordinary Mother’s Day. Can hardly wait till the following time I will see you!” 

•    Helpful Tip: If the way that you can’t be together on Mother’s Day is a sensitive subject, it’s not important to bring it up by any means. Simply center around imbuing as much love and appreciation as possible into your message. Whatever your circumstance, a subsequent call, FaceTime, or Zoom get-together is an extraordinary thought, as well. 

handmade cards

Graduation Wishes


There’s no compelling reason to convey an entire beginning location in your card. “Congrats” is an extraordinary essential message, and it’s not difficult to say regardless of whether you don’t have the foggiest idea about the alumni well. Here are a few thoughts for going a word or two pasts to heat up and customize your congrats 

•    “Congratulations on your merited achievement.” 

•    “Warmest congrats on your graduation.” 

•    “Congratulations on your graduation and all the best for your next experience!” 

•    “So glad to partake in the fervor of your graduation day, thus extremely pleased with you, as well!” 

•    “With love and pride today and consistently,” 

•    “Prayers and gifts on your graduation and for your future.” 

•    Helpful tip: If the card you’ve picked as of now has “congrats” printed, follow it with an ellipsis [… ] and add to the “congrats” message. 

At the point when You Can’t Make It 

•    “Sending warm contemplations and huge congrats to an alumni we’re so extremely glad for.” 

•    “Thinking of you with adoration and pride on your graduation day.” 

•    “Our hottest musings and most elevated expectations are with you as you praise your graduation.” 

•    Writing tip: When you can’t be there face to face, you don’t need to remember an expression of remorse for your own message. Simply the demonstration of sending the card tells the alumni you’re considering that person. 

Birthday Wishes for Friends 

Our companions are probably the main individuals in our lives. They are the family we will pick. Along these lines, when their extraordinary day comes, let them know what they intend to you. 

•    What a year! You have the right to take it easy with an umbrella beverage in your grasp. I’ll be there as soon as humanly possible close to you to stay with you! 

•    Happy birthday dearest companion! May your day be an excellent as you. 

•    Happy birthday! Here’s to a lot more spent together. 

•    May everything you could ever want and wishes work out as expected, you merit it. 

•    Here’s to one more year of wild undertakings and unending fun! 

•    As far as companions go you’re not truly outstanding, you’re really great! 

•    May each snapshot of your life be pretty much as brilliant as our companionship. 

Birthday Wishes for Sons 

Young men may act extreme, yet you realize your child has a delicate side. Reveal to him how he affects you and he’ll see the value in it for quite a long time to come. 

•    Son, may you have the most staggering birthday. Regardless of whether it’s half pretty much as magnificent as you, it will be a vital festival. 

•    We trust all your birthday wishes materialize and lead to an astonishing future for you! 

•    We are so pleased to watch you grow up so loaded with affection, care and bliss! 

•    Wishing a glad birthday to you, an astonishing child and a considerably seriously astounding man. 

•    Dear child, you put a grin all over ordinary. Expectation your birthday is loaded up with a lot more giggles. 

•    My dearest child, you’ve caused each day to feel like Mother’s Day. I’m so fortunate to have you. 

•    Happy birthday! Regardless of the number of birthday events you have, you will consistently be our child kid.

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