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Crochet is the process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. The name is derived from the French term crochet, meaning ‘small hook’. Hooks can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, bamboo, or plastic. All you need to know about yarn for crocheting.

Crocheting and knitting seems the same, but the key difference between crochet and knitting, beyond the implements used for their production. Is that each stitch in crochet is completed before the next one is begun, while knitting keeps many stitches open at a time. Some variant forms of crochet, such as Tunisian crochet and broomstick lace, do keep multiple crochet stitches open at a time. And in knitting, long blunt knitting needles, whereas in crocheting, crocheting  hooks are used. 

You can do crocheting with any kind of yarn, or thread, and even with non-fiber alternative materials. But as a beginner, there are some yarn choices that are easier than others to work with, and you’ll find it best to begin with these choices. 

As mentioned earlier, you can crochet with anything. But for the beginners it is recommended to start with- Wool yarn, cotton, or acrylic yarn 


 yarn for crocheting

Wool is an excellent choice for practicing your crochet stitches. It is a very good choice for beginners because, if you make any mistake while crocheting, you can very easily unravel the stitch, and redo it. Wool is breathable yet highly absorbent. Also it is long-lasting and softens with wear, so keep the moths away and a crochet wool jumper could last decades. Thanks to its naturally anti bacterial properties, wool also requires far less washing than other fibres. 


 yarn for crocheting

If you are looking for a crochet yarn that is going to hold up to a lot of wear and tear and doesn’t have much elasticity. Then cotton is the best yarn for crochet projects that need to be strong and sturdy. They feel very smooth to crochet with. Cotton yarns are very strong and give you nice clear stitches. If you’re starting with crocheting during the summer when the heat makes it unpleasant to work with wool. Cotton yarn is an especially great choice because it is lighter than wool. 


 yarn for crocheting

The sustainability of acrylics is a factor that attracts many crocheters, that is because it is basically a plastic product. But some people consider this as a positive point, as it lasts longer and is not prone to moths’ damage  or wear down. The other plus side of acrylics is that they’re usually one of the cheaper types of yarn available. Acrylic is a popular fiber of choice for the crochet enthusiasts. It comes in a variety of colours too.  

Some points to consider before you buy different yarn for crocheting project. 

  1. Choose light yarn rather than dark, because it might be challenging for you to see your stitches when you work with yarns in dark colors. 
  2. As a beginner, you would like to select among the most affordable yarns so that you get the hang of the craft before investing a lot of money. That is why cotton, wool, and acrylic are top fiber choices, as they tend to be the most affordable.
  3. Choose a smooth yarn not a textured yarn. Because as a beginner, you might find it difficult to handle different textured fibres to work with.

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