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Caricature is an art form where the artist draws realistic portraits of people.Some caricaturists exaggerate the features of people like enlarged nose,widened eyes making the picture reflect humour but still holding the similarity to the original person.Every one of us have seen caricatures of ancient kings,queens,prince and princesses depicting valour,pride,beauty and elegance.If caricature hasn’t evolved,we wouldn’t have imagined the faces of our ancestors.Although these days people use digital photography,caricature has its own uniqueness and demand.

History of caricature:

The word caricature has its origin in Italy where the word ‘caricare’ means to exaggerate.The first creators of caricatures are believed to be two Italian brothers Annibale Carraci and Agostino Carracci.They used it in a sarcastic way to mock the precision oriented drawing taught in their academy.Apart from this,some of the famous works of the acclaimed artist Leonardo da Vinci,also portrays caricature.Many of the historical wars pave way to the evolution of caricature as the kings wanted to showcase their victory and valour.When politics came into limelight,caricatures were used to mock the activities of political leaders.The first book of caricatures ‘A Book of Caricaturas’ is published in London by Mary Darley.

Some of the greatest caricaturists of all time:

Al Hirschfeld:

He was commissioned to provide art for U.S postal stamps.His black and white caricatures are still gushed and preserved in U.S museums.

Arthur Good:

He used the pen name Tom Tit for his caricatures.His haymarket riot caricatures gathered him wide spread recognitions.

Mort Drucker:

He is widely recognised for his caricatures in The Mad magazine,Time magazine etc.

David Levine:

He is famous for the not so popular pen ink caricature.In 1967 he was elected into the National Academy of Design as an Associate member and became a full Academician in 1971.

Jose Miguel Covarrubias Duclaud:

Originally a mexican painter,he is well known for his caricature of celebrities.He managed to capture the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance in much of his work as well as in his book, Negro Drawings.

Alex Gard:

He created more than 700 caricatures of show business celebrities and other notables for the walls of Sardi’s Restaurant in the theater district of New York City: the first artist to do so.

Sebastian Kruger:

He made hyper realistic distortion on his caricature of celebrities and is also acclaimed for the use of acrylic paint.

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