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Embroidery is certainly one of the best hobbies you can get. The combination of craft, creativity, imagination, and satisfaction is seamless. As you go ahead with your journey with the art of embroidery, you will soon realize some mistakes in embroidery, which would often mess you up in between of an embroidery project. 

As beginners, it is common to make mistakes in hand embroidery since we are not much experienced or what could make the situation better.

So, here we bring to you some of the most common mistakes made by everyone with embroidery, how to prevent them, and also how to solve the trouble!

1. Always go for the right and good quality fabric material for your embroidery projects.

 mistakes in embroidery

Yes, this is one of the most crucial points to keep in mind. Beginning with a project, but with wrong material or poor quality of material can give you a result on which you could have expected more. Choosing the right fabric for your project is as important as doing the thing right. For example, you want to do an embroidery project which involves a huge amount of stitching and a variety of threads, floss, and ornaments. You must make sure the fabric will be able to hold on those properly.

2. The Correct Needles mistakes in embroidery

 mistakes in embroidery

This is one of the most asked questions by the beginners, “Which type of needle should we buy, or use for this and that embroidery project ?” 

Consider the size and type of needles while choosing. E.g. you are planning to do a surface embroidery project that involves a ton of bullion knots on a closely woven silk fabric, here, using a Tapestry needle to make your bullion knots would not be a good idea. The blunt point of the tapestry would not stab through the fabric well, and the swollen, elongated eye would cause uncomfort for every bullion stitched. There is a specific needle for bullion knots and similar stitches, called a milliner’s needle, or, in some countries, a straw needle. This needle is ideal for passing through wrapped stitches, and its sharp tip will go through a closely woven fabric easily. 

3. Be careful while transferring the embroidery design for avoiding Mistakes in embroidery.

This is also seen as a common mistake in many. People tend to draw out their pattern or design with pens and markers which are not removable, which later remains in the fabric, gets visible, and spoils the look of the overall embroidery project. Even a small incorrect stroke with a pen can spoil the entire design, which would not be reversible or erasable. It is always safe to use a light pencil, drawing with which can be later erased. 

4. Using a hoop mistakes of embroidery

 mistakes in embroidery

Many people tend to do embroidery without an embroidery hoop, which certainly makes the task tougher. For beginners it is highly recommended to use a hoop while doing fabric embroidery. Tying up the fabric on a hoop makes it taut and tight. This makes sure that you do not pull the fabric too tight or leave the stitch too loose. It also helps when you are dealing with stitches that require both your hands.

5. Dirty hands

This mistake is a very common one, and surprisingly it is not even related to embroidery skills or materials. It is ‘Dirty Hands’. Yes this is one thing that ruins a lot of embroidery projects. Always make sure to start or do an embroidery project with your hands clean and dirt free. It is frustrating to get your fabric and design dirty even if you put a lot of effort to make a gorgeous piece of art. 

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