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Do you know types of pillow shapes, materials and stuffing. Alongside an agreeable bedding, pads are a basic piece of a decent night’s rest. Which implies that when you discover a pad that feels better, you will in general stay with it, correct? One moment. Cushions have gotten more different and imaginative than any other time in recent memory. It could be an ideal opportunity to put down that old down cushion and get one made with a special filling like buckwheat frames, kapok filaments, or even gel. 

Along these lines, in case you’re hoping to switch things around in the room – we’re actually discussing pads, here – we’ve assembled various kinds of pads and what you should think about each with the goal that you can track down the best cushion for you. 

Adaptable padding 

Adaptable padding cushions are made utilizing polyurethane and are likewise some of the times called visco-flexible. Since they’re made with synthetic substances, they here and there radiate a smell that is alluded to as “off-gassing.” 

They’re famous on the grounds that their thickness and responsiveness permit your head and neck to be formed to the pad while you rest. At the point when you awaken the cushion ought to recover its unique shape. Individuals at times buy adaptable padding pads that are made into a wedge-like shape to assist with wellbeing related rest issues like heartburn or GERD. 

These cushions can be made in an assortment of shapes outside the appearance of a customary standard pad. Individuals will in general like it for similar reasons they like adaptive padding sleeping pads – it assists with adjusting your spine and neck. 

types of pillow


•    Good support for relief from discomfort or to help with other rest and medical problems 

•    No lumping and can be made into an assortment of shapes and sizes 

•    Contouring to head and neck, and truly strong 


•    Off-gassing potential 

•    One strong piece of froth can cause breathability issues and can be excessively firm for stomach sleepers. 


Latex is really extricated from an elastic tree called the Hevea-Brasiliensis tree. It has gotten progressively notable as a cushion filling since it has delicate and strong characteristics and will last for some time. 

Watch out for cushions named as latex mix pads, the last of which might be mixed with polyurethane froth. Just cushions named as 100% Natural Latex will be without polyurethane. 

Look at my Bear Pillow audit, which is made with a blend of Latex and Memory Foams. 


•    Soft, strong, and tough 

•    Natural Latex will keep its shape and responsiveness however will ultimately biodegrade 


•    Can be mixed with polyurethane froth and lose sturdiness 

•    Bad for those with latex hypersensitivities and substantial contrasted with down or manufactured choices 

•    Lacks breathability 

types of pillow


Plumes in a quill pad will in general come from the wing and back quills of geese or ducks. They are level and have plumes going through them. These contrast from “down feathers” on the grounds that these quills lay on top of the bird, while down is the defensive layer under. 

Plume pads can in any case give a delicate and cushioned inclination yet will hold their shape longer than down and will help the pad keep its shape and solidness since they are bigger and more organized than down groups. Commonly, down pads will contain a few plumes in them, so watch out for the down to feather proportion in the pad. 


•    Soft, lightweight, and holds shape 

•    Firmer/more design 


•    May rest hot and smoothes effectively – needs lightening 

•    Allergies might be an issue for a few and plumes may jab out of the pad cover and cause bothering 

Down Pillow 

Down cushions are produced using the delicate strands near the skin of a goose, duck, or swan. Since these cushions are here and there mixed with feathers, make certain to take a gander at the down to feather proportion when buying a down pad. 

Discover a morally sourced down cushion. Since down is taken from creatures, ensure down pads are guaranteed by the Responsible Down Standard which directs the moral treatment of ducks and geese. 


•    Mouldable, great head and neck support 

•    Durable, can most recent quite a long while 

•    Light pad weight 

•    Soft and cushiony 

•    Insulating 


•    Can hold body heat, so it tends to be not difficult to overheat 

•    Potential hypersensitive responses 

•    Requires cushioning to keep up with space 

•    Can be hard to clean 

•    Need to discover morally sourced down 

Cotton Pillow 

Cotton cushions have been on a descending pattern in fame for fresher manufactured materials like adaptable padding. In any case, cotton pads are made of exemplary cushion material that enjoys explicit benefits, especially for individuals who are susceptible to manufactured materials. Furthermore, since cotton cushions are easy to clean, it’s not difficult to wash your cotton pad routinely. 


•    Hypoallergenic 

•    Light, breathable texture 

•    Odourless 


•    Needs customary cleaning for dust vermin and form 

•    Doesn’t form to head 

•    Can become uneven 

types of pillow

Bamboo Pillow 

Bamboo cushions have been a rising pattern in the rest business for some time, likely due to their antimicrobial properties and dampness engrossing capacities. Most bamboo cushions are really made of a destroyed froth inside with a bamboo thick shell, which means you get the advantages of a destroyed adaptable padding pad with the cooling properties of bamboo. 


•    Antimicrobial 

•    Hypoallergenic 

•    Cooling and dampness wicking 


•    Chemical off-gassing 

•    Heavy pad weight 

•    Difficult to clean 

Polyester Pillow 

Polyester fibrefill pads, at times alluded to as poly-fill, are a famous thrifty cushion decision. Notwithstanding, because of the less expensive material that poly-fill pads are made with, they will in general assimilate warm and become uneven decently fast. 


•    Affordable 

•    Lightweight 

•    Hypoallergenic 


•    Can foster irregularities 

•    Not breathable 

•    Not enduring


Fleece is a profoundly breathable, cushioned, and delicate fill. It’s accessible in 100% fleece or mixed with different fills, however 100% fleece is the fluffiest. Vegetarian people probably won’t be keen on purchasing fleece items since fleece comes from sheep. Fleece pads aren’t pretty much as well-known as different sorts, for the most part since they’re more costly and must be dry-cleaned. 


Horseshoe-formed pads are the name of neck pads utilized when going via vehicle, plane, or train. They’re little and fold over your neck to keep your head from bending to the side when you’re resting upstanding. 

types of pillow


Most body pads are rectangular and measure 20 by 54 inches, however there are other body cushions shapes also, including U, L, J, and C-molded, for different kinds of help and solace. Roundabout body pads, for example, the U or C shape give both back and front help and hold you set up, a valuable trademark in the event that you shift in bed regularly. 

You can utilize a body cushion as a long head pad, or rest against them longwise with the pad between your knees for additional spine support. 

Body pads are extremely enormous, particularly U and C-molded body pads, and best fit something like a sovereign or lord bed. However, in the event that you share a bed, you might be isolated from your accomplice when laying down with a body cushion. Because of a body cushion’s size, they can be hard to wash and track down a coordinating with cover. 

Shape Pillows 

Cervical or Contour are molded to oblige the normal shapes of the head, neck and in specific cases the shoulders. They are normally higher at one side and drop in the middle where the head sits. This accommodates more noteworthy help under the neck just as open to situating of the cervical spine and thus they are additionally frequently known as neck cushions. Form cushions are normally produced using froth, adaptive padding, gel or latex, or a blend.

At the point when these cushions are utilized to assist with mitigating an ailment, for example, jaw strain and torment, migraines, headaches, a sleeping disorder, shoulder torment, wheezing, rest apnoea and different conditions they might be alluded to as Orthopaedic or Therapeutic Pillows. 

Unique Needs Pillows 

A unique requirements pad is one that has been intended for a particular reason. These incorporate the powerfully molded Sona hostile to wheeze pad for rest apnea victims, pads intended for pregnancy or bosom taking care of, and cushions intended to help back victims. Typically produced using froths, they are exceptionally molded and reason planned. 

Dozing Pillows 

Since we work broadly with wellbeing experts, we are predominantly worried about pads that assist with furnishing an incredible night’s lay down with upgraded solace and great resting stance. This is to a great extent accomplished by resting on the right ‘Shape Pillow’ which is additionally alluded to as a Neck or Cervical Pillow. 

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