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Easy food storage ideas – unique way of storing food. If you are just moved in your new house and it is small, but you need more storage you can have the smart ideas to solve this. With regards to protecting food, food stockpiling is a significant issue. Food which isn’t accurately put away can ruin or get debased, which would then be able to prompt making individuals debilitated. Guaranteeing that food is appropriately put away goes far towards keeping a significant degree of food handling and protecting yourself as well as other people.

One of the main things to check with respect to food which has been put away in the ‘utilization by’ or ‘best-before’ dates imprinted on the bundling. These dates will give you the most precise sign of a food’s timeframe of realistic usability, nonetheless, when a bundle or can is opened, the expiry date quite often changes. Food should be stored always in clean, dry and airtight container this will help is food storing for longer time. 

 food storage ideas

For storing you don’t need to have a big storage jars and lots of space with some ideas and DIY you can easily store your food easily. These solutions keep your kitchen look amazing and helps you save lot of money. Some cool hacks are:

  1. Using the pegboard – If you feel you don’t have the enough room for all your pots and pans you can use pegboard. Especially if you are downsizing. You can hang up your several pots pans and any other kitchen tool that world you need and plus it will look really nice. 
  1. Invest in knife magnetic strip – Instead of buying a knife block you can buy the magnetic strip for knife. If you are taking the knife block it will take the more space in your kitchen (in your counter). Now only will you able to display them in front of you so that you can easily pick out which one you are going to need there is something really slick about having all of your kitchen knife on display. 
  1. You can use the inside side of your door on your cabinets – You can build bars to hand your spoons and such from or build little shelves to put spices on you want to use every inch that you can. Remember you have a smaller kitchen so you need to think outside the box sometimes when it comes to storage. 
  1. You can use magnetic – You already use magnetic on your fridge to stick some of your notes, likewise you can also put the magnet on your plastic and stick them to the fridge. You can use the plastic strays and make your own shelves on the side of your fridge. This way you can put in other little knickknack that would normally take up space on your kitchen counter. 
  1. Install wooden table on the wall – If your kitchen is small and you don’t have the space to adjust the table you can use the wooden table on the wall. And whenever you want to use the table, you can put in the chairs or use as a storage place. 
  1. Invest in buying a kitchen kart – The cart which has the rolls because it will not only provide extra counter space for your cooking needs but it will also provide extra storage which will come in handy with a small kitchen. 
 food storage ideas
  1. Buy lining the perimeter for your ceiling – It will help you store the heavier items or boxes in your kitchen only. Provides you a better storage and its high enough not to obstruct anything in your kitchen while also giving you the extra room so that everything isn’t crammed in your kitchen. 
  1.  Install rolling shelves – Instead of having it where your cabinets are you can use the space which you had under your sink for better use of space. And don’t use of only one surface but make it the surface of two. This way you can make more room for more to fit into while making it convenient to get in and out of.
  1. You can use pull out pantry – This can save your space and give a good look to your kitchen. Pull out cabinet that will make use of this wasted space you can use the narrow space next to the fridge one of the great ways to use of that space and they do some with different sizes that fir everywhere. 
  1. Buy those devices which are multifunctional – Appliances make life simpler. No place is this clearer than in the kitchen, where huge and little machines save individuals time and exertion each and every day. Albeit huge machines, like fridges, broilers and dishwashers, are significant to a practical kitchen, little apparatuses carry a variety of accommodations to your kitchen.

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