Flaunt This Summer In Pastel Colours

Flaunt This Summer In Pastel Colours
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Pastel Colours are a growing trend, whether it’s in clothes or decorations and flaunt this summer in pastel colours. They were originally considered to be too chic or pre teen , but through time, designers and consumers  alike have learnt to appreciate the splendor of soft pastel hues.

It’s absolutely a beautiful refreshing shade that is most suited for the Summer season.  Pastel colors make them more appealing to the nakes eye. Its elegance is magnified through their subtlety. 

Pastel tones look great when they’re mixed together. It’s a treat to the eye to imagine a view with splashes of mint green , baby blue , light grey  , peach , and lavender. It seems to emit a soothing aura that draws people to them. 

Know what pastel colors are?

Pastel colors are colors that have enough white mixed into them to take away the saturation and turn them into a pale version of colors.  Pastel colors are Millennial pink , light azure , creamy mint  and Peach. All these colors are just a slight variation from the standard pattern of colors. Pastel colors are the ones which are in trend now everyone something or the other in pastels be it clothing or house decor .

How to Flaunt in Pastel colors?

Things to remember when wearing Pastels: 

  • When you decide to wear Pastel outfits , we suggest you wear accessories which will stand out like bright colors or funky ones. 
  • Pastels colors are the easiest colors to mix  and match for a bold look. 
  • If you’re wearing one pastel color clothing item , keep the rest of the outfit simple and neutral in color like white , as they will make your pastel stand out. 
  •  When using color blocking technique, try wearing the darker color  as the bottom. 
  • Keep your makeup and hair simple.
  • When it comes to shoes to wear with pastel outfits, stick to neutral or bright shades to create harmony and to balance things out . 

Pastel Impressionism

After so many eye-catching prints and bold colors, these cotton-candy shades have come to rectify things and please the eye. Many designers give preference to lace pieces, creating a real poetic impressionism: whether it’s a lovely dress, a top or a skit, lace details go well along with pastel shades, making them appear even more delicate and feminine. Even casual dresses for a carefree stroll around the city, coming in delicate pale green, beige and blue colors with a minimum decoration, feature lovely lace, chiffon fabrics, looking so ethereal and trendy.

One of the most alluring ways to nail down the pastel trend is with Color Blocking , you can confidently combine pastel pink with pale lemon, blue with mint green, creamy orange with purple, and wear pastels the best way. It’s also fun to wear pastels with brighter shades. In this case, too, pay attention to the color wheel. 

Another popular style is pastel skinny jeans. Pale lemon, peach, cotton candy mint, and coral jeans look light and feminine and perfectly go with simple tank-tops and pastel shoes. You can wear pastel colored denim pants both in summer and fall, trying to brighten up the gloomy season. Try to wear your pastel pants with some neutral top or go color blocking, paying attention to the color wheel and sticking to the main color blocking rules.

How to style pastel color looks? 

Keep it Minimalism

The most important rule of pastel shades is not to overdo with their “sweet” manner. Maybe all these head-to-toe pale lemon and sugary pink dresses with lace details, accessorized with pastel shoes, bags and headbands. Instead, try to calm things down by accessorizing your pastel clothes with pieces in black, white or other neutral tones. Generally, when choosing pastel clothing pieces you’d better be guided by minimalism, always going for pieces with clean and sharp lines, which will place the emphasis on the design of the garments rather than the pastel shades. If you can’t do without ruffles and lots of details, you’d better go for sculptural forms to add a bit of drama to your pastel looks instead.

Color Blocking with Pastel

All pastel colors look amazing with each other and you are welcome to mix and match more than two pastel shades in a look. Mix pastel shades on the principle of color-blocking, using things with clean straight lines. Pastel color-blocking will not work with clothes featuring too complicated cuts, details and draperies. Unlike the color-blocking rules of brighter tones. You can even wear some four pastel tones in a single look adding a bright accessory to create a contrast. Usually it is not encouraged to wear so many pastel colors at a time.

Pastels with Neutrals

You can fearly mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Beige and coffee shades will help you balance the feminin nature of pastels. Pastels look incredible with gray and cream tones as well.

Pastels according to your hair and skin

The pastel on dark skinned girls look great in lighter, more “creamy” tones, while women with a lighter skin color should go for coffee tones and richer pastel shades. On the whole, pastels are the best colors for the blondes, no matter what shade of blonde hair they may have. Blondes are welcome to mix and match various pastel shades and wear head-to-toe pastel outfits, looking incredibly feminine and sophisticated, As for the brunettes and redheads, too many pastel shades tend to make them look pale, therefore it’s a good idea to create a little contrast with bright shades when wearing pastel colors. You can either pick complementing details (shoes, bags, sunglasses, jewelry, scarfs, belts, etc. ) in darker shades like black, or go for even more contrasting hues for the accessories.

Pastel with Brights

For the playful and vibrant looks you can try wearing pastel colors with brighter tones. This way you’ll also reduce the exaggerated sweetness and femininity of pastels at the same time showing off your creativity and unique taste in style. For example, mint green pants matched with a bright green blazer topping a simple white tee and there you go! You just need some neutral shoes and a bag to make things pretty and cool. You’re never afraid of mixing different types of fruit ice cream in a bowl, so do the same with pastel shades, matching them with brighter tones.

Pastel Colors with White and Black

You can never go wrong wearing pastel colors either with white or black pieces, or matching them both with black and white.Combine pastel jeans with a white and black top, complementing the look with dark colored platform sandals. No matter how many pastel shades to match with a black piece, black is always going to dominate, creating modern and polished looks. Since pastel colors may look a bit boring and dramatic with black pieces, you can always replace black with soft gray or beige tones. As for white, it only enhances the softness and femininity of pastel hues, at the same time managing to balance things out for more harmonious looks. Pastel colors with white make the go-to summer looks.

Pastel with Print

If you know only monochrome is the way to go with pastel shades, you’re completely wrong. Pastel colored clothes look especially intriguing and romantic in combination with printed and patterned pieces, especially when those patterns feature pastel tones. Give preference to modern minimalism and go for garments that feature minimal and abstract patterns.

Single color Pastel look

You can always create smashing looks picking a single pastel shade for your entire outfit. This way you’ll also elongate and slim down your silhouette. To jazz up your looks, go for creative accessorizing details and your pastel outfit is sure to win the spotlight instantly. When wearing a single pastel shade from head to toe, you are more than welcome to experiment with volumes and textures to create interest.

Nudes and Creams of Pastel

Cream and beige tones are the most versatile of all the pastel shades, and they go literally with any other pastel or neutral shade. 

Makeup to Wear with Pastels

Avoid pastel and colorful shades for your makeup when wearing pastel outfits. Instead keep things minimal and neutral, playing with versatile earth-toned eyeshadows, nude lipsticks and creating perfectly smooth skin.

Pastels for Club wear

When wearing pastels to party nights, try to focus on contrasts. Pick bright and energizing accessories to your pastel outfits that will instantly catch the eye. However, keep in mind that pastel colors should dominate, so wearing either some neon-colored shoes or a bright clutch with your pastel outfits will do the trick.

Pastels for Office Wear

Too much of pastel shades aren’t appropriate for office looks, therefore try to incorporate white, cream or beige tones to your looks, at the same time picking only cleanly cut, modern and minimalist designs for your pastel garments. Keep your hair and makeup simple and modern.

Pastels for casual carefree look

The carefree style mixing and matching contrasting styles and pieces for an outstanding look, so when wearing pastels to the street try to combine the femininity they exude with something preppy or sporty chic.

Accessories to match with Pastel 

The pastel accessory is a spectacular clutch in pale pink, banana, lilac or mint. A small square or rectangular pastel colored clutch will add cheerfulness and a romantic attitude to spring and summer attire options. Choose something with a metal detail, peplum or ruffles to match with your outfits.

Pastel shoes look amazing in combination with white pants or a light colored dress. You can also wear pastel colored shoes with shorts and skirts in much softer shades. Don’t forget about pastel sunglasses and pastel jewelry.

Makeup for Pastel Style

Pastel makeup is great both for pastel outfits and neutral ones. Clear lip glosses, pearl eyeshadows, blush in the shades of tea rose are ideal for creating a sophisticated, natural look . And, of course, pastel nail polishes look so trendy and delicate. For pastel clothes, choose your nail polish in the main color of your outfit or the opposite shade to color block your look. High-gloss mint nail polish goes well with black clothes, pale pink with lemon, while lilac with white and pink.

Pastel colors are great to wear to work, on special occasions and on a daily basis. Just try to keep things modest, when you are going to work, a little more glam-glitz for special events and simple for casual wear.

 Whatever you do, try to be creative and self-confident and you’ll look chic and sweet, while sporting a rainbow of taffy-colored hues!

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