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French vs. bullion knot types of a knotted stitch is any embroidery technique in which the yarn or thread is knotted around itself. There are numerous variations in knotted stitches, and each of them has a special, and beautiful characteristic which makes all of them unique and gorgeous. 

Let us explore some of the knotted stitches from the vast ocean of embroidery.


French Knot

French vs. bullion knot

French knots are probably one of the most used and popular knotted stitches among all. 

  1. Like at the beginning of all other embroidery projects, place a suitable fabric on the hoop, and tread in the needle. Make sure the fabric on the hop is tightly tied. 
  2. Begin by selecting a suitable spot and put in the needle through the bottom side of the fabric. French knot method requires both of your hands on work, so make sure the hoop is on lap.
  3. Stretch the floss at the point, from where the needle was bought out, the point which is attached to the fabric. Place the needle right near and in front of it. 
  4. Wrapt the floss around the thread according to the size of the knot you want. (preferred 2 to 3 times)
  5. After you are done with the twist wrapping of the thread around the needle, put in the needle through right beside, very close to the earlier spot. Make sure you don’t put it through the same hole, it will result in the entire knot to dismiss and come out of the fabric.
  6. Now let the entire needle go down the fabric, while the coiling of the floss bundle up on the fabric

And here is your first french knot! 

Bullion Knot

French vs. bullion knot

Bullion knot is a beautiful stitch which can finely be used to fill borders and also to make flower designs. A perfect rose flower can be made with this stitch alone by slightly curving the stitching and arranging it in a round shape.

Let us look at the simple guide for making the bullion knot stitch-

  1. Bring out the needle to the front of the fabric with the needle from the back.
  2. Again put the needle into the fabric at a point very near to where the needle previously came out ,and come out a stitch distance from there at B. Make sure to keep the needle in that position without taking it completely out. 
  3. Now the main part. Wrap the thread round from behind the needle around the tip of the needle about twenty times. Make sure the wraps are proper and compactly done.
  4. Now slowly and firmly pull out the needle by holding the wraps with your fingers.

And here is your beautiful bullion knot stitch. You can curve the curves in different ways and in different lengths and numbers to produce different designs.

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