Guide and process of Making handmade Candle

Guide and process of Making handmade Candle
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Like most other handcrafted products, making your own candles is a process that can be incredibly. Whether you’re combining new fragrances to evoke a specific smell, or you’re creating beautifully colored layers in your candle jars, there’s lots of ideas for customization. Would you like to know how easy and fast is to make candles at home. Let us begin with making our handmade candle


  • Candle-making soy wax
  • Large candle wicks
  • Bottle of fragrance oil
  • Spatula
  • Heat-proof container
  • Double boiler
  • Thermometer
  • 2 pencils

Process for making

Prepare Your Vessel

Make sure the vessel you chose is heat-resistant and clean. Note that when you choose container make sure it is introduced to hot wax. If you’re repurposing a container, be sure wash and dry it well—any water droplets will repel the wax. After choosing container you can now stick or just put your wick to the bottom of the container, if you’re sticking than leave it to dry and if just hanging than make sure to hold with hands or put around  2 person on top of container.

Melting procedure

Put the pot/double boiler to boil on your stove about halfway filled with water. If you don’t have double boiler you can put a pot to boil with water than place a bowl inside pot in which you can add wax. Measure out your wax into the tin kettle, keeping in mind to account for air gaps. Wax chips take up about half their volume when melted. Stir gently with spatula to avoid overheating the wax. Use a thermometer to keep track of the heat. Once the wax reaches 190 degrees, add a bottle of essential oil. If you chose to color your candle, add the block at the same time, being careful to melt and mix it throughly to avoid patches. If you are mixing scents use more than one bottle instead of a blend to make sure the scent comes through.

Done with candle

Turn off the stove and mix the wax, oil, and color together well. Pour the mixture evenly into the prepared vessel, careful to avoid spilling on the wick. Leave the candle to harden overnight. Don’t freeze or cool your candle! Chilling hot wax can cause cracks and prevent the candle from burning properly. After your candle has cured, remove the wick clip and trim the wick. As you use your candle, keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch for a clean, even burn. 

Now the candle is ready you can use this candle for your personal use or else you can sell on handmade websites which promotes these handmade creative products. For selling on Afday you can refer to our blog of how to make seller profile and to do listing of products.

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