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A pick stitch is a simple running stitch that catches only a few threads of the fabric, showing very little of the thread on the outer side of the fabric. It is also sometimes known as “stab stitch”.

A pick stitch is majorly used for making hems, although it is also used with bright, contrasting, and vibrant threads to create a decorative finish on different kinds of garments. It has decorative uses in embroidery. It is exceedingly useful for inserting zips.

The stitch is used in various kinds of ways in sewing – but the most prevalent use is in men’s tailored clothing. In suits, it is used on the collar of the jacket to prevent the edge from rolling during wear.

As the stitch looks, it is indeed very simple. Here we bring to you the step by step guide to get you working on the Pick stitch right away.

  1. It is very recommended for the beginners, as well as for those who are experienced in embroidery to make the drawing or to draw a straight line with pencil on the practice fabric or embroidery canvas before starting to work on the stitch.
  2. Pick stitch is done from the bottom to the top of the fabric or away from you. Come up through the fabric with the needle pointing out from the cue line from the back, with the knot of the needle on the underside of the fabric.
  3. Now return the needle a few points back from where it previously came up from. Now insert the needle again through the fabric  ¼ inches away from the first point, and pull it completely.
  4. Now consider the fresh hole point made by the needle as your very first, beginning point and repeat the process going in the same sequence.
  5. Continuing the process, and you will soon find the tiny pick thickness size stitches on your fabric.

Pick stitch is used for giving a fashionable border to apparel, especially suits, jackets, vests, blazers, and jeans.  Tailored tuxedos look glam when sporting this hand stitch. 

In case of bedding, teen quilts and shams, euro pillows, duvet covers, bedspreads, comforters, and cotton quilts in various colors look admirable when done up with this stitch. Other uses include creating enviable hemlines, curtains, embroideries, etc. Pick stitch can also give a pretty edging to fabric flower petal appliques and denim hand bags.

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