Hair Fall and Thinning of Hair and Cure

Hair Fall and Thinning of Hair and Cure
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We face many hair issues like hair damage, dandruff, frizziness, and most importantly, hair fall and thinning hair. The most beneficial and best treatment for these problems is “Routine hair spas.” Also the hair spas can be done at salons or by the simple processes at home.

This post provides information about:

  • Hair spa, known as the best hair fall treatment, Why?
  • Hair spa anticipates hair growth
  • The effective way for hair spa at home

Hair Spa, known as the best Hair Fall and Thinning treatment, Why?

The great benefits can be seen visibly through regular hair spas from thinning hair and hair fall.

Hair Fall and Thinning

Hair Spa Advantage 1. Encourages Hair Growth

Thinning hair can be generated by a bad lifestyle, triggered by stress, side effects of medicines, diseases, etc. A lot of people face problems with hair thinning fast, even though they used to have healthy and strong, regular hair spa treatments can save the hair. Indeed hair spas improve the blood circulation in your scalp and quickens the hair growth. The hair spas are recommended twice a month for visible results.

Hair Spa Advantage 2. Nutrifies the Scalp

The pores in the scalp get blocked with dead skin cells and dust. The hair spa treatment cleans out the roots, the scalp becomes able to absorb nutrients well.

Hair Spa Advantage 3. Extensive Conditioning of the Hair

Apert from dirt and pollution, usage of styling tools like hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons frequently can damage the hair and result in hair thinning, and hair breakage. It is necessary to take the most required and recommended measures to get rid of these issues or the hair gets damaged immensely. A hair spa treatment deep conditions the hair and repairs the damage done by these tools as well as provides nutritions.

Hair Spa Advantage 4. Stabilizes the Oil Secretion

The oily scalp that excretes a lot of oil and the hair appears flat, thin, also lifeless. The salon professionals advise the hair spa treatment which helps to normalise oil excretion in the scalp and revitalizes the hair. Also the few regular hair spa sessions will make the hair healthy and bring radiance. A person with lifeless or dry hair, must go for a suitable hair spa treatment that will help to prevent excretion of oil in the scalp and helps to regain the shine, lustre and bounce.

Process of Hair Spa at Home

With the busy schedules if you cannot visit a salon for a hair spa, you can easily get the relaxing and an affordable hair spa. Also you can anytimes do a simple hair spa at home by yourself. Further here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you:

Hair Fall and Thinning
  • Step 1: If you are not able to visit a salon for a hair spa due to budget or time constraints, you can easily get the relaxing and an affordable hair spa done at home from Afday. Although even a simple hair spa can be done at home all by yourself. Further to achieve salon like hair, step-by-step tutorial is given here:

Quick Advice: for thick and shiny hair, Add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to your hair mask. 

  • Step 2: Firstly wet the hair by using a moisturising hairspray. Further next apply the  nourishing hair oil to the scalp and to the length of the hair. As for hair oil, olive oil or coconut oil can be used, almond oil or Argan oil that are rich in protein are amazing for the massage.
  • Step 3: Secondly after the hair oil, apply a deep conditioning hair mask which is suitable for the hair type, Massage your hair with this. Also don’t forget to cover your hair with a hair cap. Let the hair stay like this for 20-25 minutes. This helps in absorbing the moisture from the hair mask and hair oil.
  • Step 4: At last Remove the cap after the said time and wrap a hot towel around your head. The heat helps to provide moisture deeper in the hair, scalp and head.
  • Step 5: For more dry hair, apply another layer of hair mask and massage the hair with it. After this, wash the hair with a gentle and mild shampoo. Don’t forget to condition the hair with a good hydrating conditioner.
  • Step 6: Further more let the hair dry naturally.

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