Red Hair Highlights to Try on Indian Skin Tone

Red Hair Highlights to Try on Indian Skin Tone
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  • When in doubt, go for red! Red Hair Highlight.
  • A guide for red highlights, the colour which is always in vogue and also red wine, Burgundy and magenta.
  • Identifying your skin tone for choosing  Red hair color.

Red is simply because the palette is wide, varying from Red wine, Bright copper, Ginger red and many more mixes of colours are on Red colour Palette.  

Shades of Red Hair Highlights definitely to try for…

Red Velvet aka Deep Auburn

Who doesn’t love cake? For a super-sweet look, try this dessert-inspired red color on for size, and you’ll have your richest look yet.Choose this color if your complexion is cool, dark or olive, and if you have brown, cool blue or emerald eyes it’s truly a no-brainer.

Reddish-Brown aka Auburn

If you want a natural red hair color shade, then you should go for auburn highlights.. auburn brown hair typically ranges from medium to dark shades. It’s rich in color pigments, which makes it more vibrant than other brown tones and a flattering color option for almost every skin type.

Dark Auburn

Let’s go a little darker! If you love the idea of going red but want to stick close to your dark brunette roots, dark auburn will do the trick. The golden red and warm brown combo blends perfectly for a hair color that suits all skin tones and eye colors.

Burgundy Red Hair Highlights

Looking for something different? This violet-red hybrid looks wonderful against cool skin tones. So, whether you have pale, dark, or olive-toned skin, consider switching up your look with this coveted burgundy red hair color. 

Magenta Red Hair Highlights

If you love vibrant red hair color ideas, look no further than magenta hair! This color features purple and red hues that come together for a rich, saturated finish. A perfect match for medium and dark complexions, this red hair color will make quite the statement. 

Wine Red Hair Highlights

If burgundy hair is your forte, consider taking the shade to the next level with a red wine hair color. This seriously stunning hue offers the perfect blend of copper, chocolate brown, and deep red for the ultimate touch of dimension.  

Dark Red Hair Highlights

From the boardroom to the bar, this one’s got your back. A classier take on red, the dark red shade leans on the less vibrant red hair color spectrum. As you edge into warmer seasons, it’s a great excuse to indulge in darker dimensions that would dazzle in the golden streams of sunlight. None of the other shades that span the darker color spectrum can hold a candle to the dark red hue, because ANYONE can pull it off. 

Copper Highlights

Copper highlights will add some serious shine to your auburn colored hair. The orange tinge will brighten the red elements of your hairstyle while adding more complex layers to your color. 

Hair Color Style Guide – We’ve added the color which is in trend !

To push your hair inspiration up a notch, we’ve uncovered the best red hair colors for you to bookmark. Well, don’t be surprised if you end up staying married to this hair color for much longer than you had anticipated.

 Bright Red Streaks

This hairstyle looks like black hair with red highlights. If you have naturally black hair and want a taste of highlights, We say go for something that is eye-catching. Go for bright red color, and it creates a beautiful effect. If you want a hair color that makes you feel bold and beautiful, you can go for bright red streaks. 

Purple Highlight

Is it purple? Is it red? Darling, it’s both. If you’re sceptical about being a complete redhead, cuddle your tresses with some purple. We’re talking about a hair shade that will get the likes and comments to start rolling in on social media. And yes, with the right execution of the highlights, you don’t have to worry about skin tone as this shade can lighten up your face and add an enviable contrast. 

Bright Red Highlights Peek-a-Boo Style

Move aside your brown hair to showcase your red locks. It looks magical and mysterious. You can never go wrong with the classic red. N-E-V-E-R!  

Dark Cherry Red Hair with Bright-Pink Ombre

Ombre is a hair color technique where all the ends are going to be affected and the transition from the deeper roots and light ends is going to be pretty short. And the combination of these  two colors Pink and deep cherry is so stylish , you will be in  love with  the smooth transition between the two hair color shades.  

Copper and Gold Red Highlight

Unlike bright copper, golden copper is known for its blend of varying shades of blonde and bright red. Pair it with any warm-toned fair to medium skin tone. 

How to take care of Red Highlights

If you thought shade selection was the only thing you needed to consider when going red, think again. Once you’ve completed the dyeing process, it’s important to take care of your red hair properly.

Color-treated hair requires special care, so reach for a system with a shampooconditioner, and hair treatment formulated for colored hair. 

Another way to keep your red hair looking it’s very best is to rely on a color-depositing conditioner. The perfect way to enhance your strands, this type of conditioner is formulated with red pigments that work to rejuvenate your color between touch-ups.

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