How Pick The Best Hair Colour From Hair Colour Chart

How Pick The Best Hair Colour From Hair Colour Chart
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Here are a few basic tips that will help you to zero in on your specific shade and decide how to apply that to best hair colour of your dreams.

In this post ,we will cover :

  • How to choose the best hair colour for you from hair colour chart
  • Set a hair colour goal
  • Know your skin’s undertone
  • A list of hair colours for neutral , war, and cool undertones

“Hair Colour shades for Indian Skin Tone ”

‘ Different Hair Colour shades ’

‘ Ideas for Stylish Hair Colours  ’

Such specific searches are natural for anyone who is taking the first step towards chainging hair colour. So now jumping to the next step searching on Pinterest boards on hair highlights for styling models , it would be a better idea to know the basics first.  

However, your complexion isn’t enough to help you choose the right hair colour. Your skin’s undertone, the colour of your eyes, what tones your hair should reflect, as well as your hair colour goal are some of the other factors that need to be considered before you pick a shade from the hair colour chart.

First, Set a Goal and then Jump on the Best Hair Colour Chart

So it is final you have decided to colour your hair , Amazing ! The next step first set a  HAIR COLOUR GOAL. How and Why exactly do you want to colour your hair?  

So this could be the reasons:

Lighter Hair

Once you have lightened your hair, you may want to consider switching up your hair care routine to help keep your hair looking and feeling its best as it involves bleaching of hair and bleach damages the hair to some extent. 

Darker Hair

Most Indians have black to dark brown hair colour range, it is rare that you want to darken your hair, unless you have prior coloured a light shade. In this case, consult a hair stylist to guide you with the details when to re- colour and how.

Enhance Your Natural Best Hair Colour

Natural or dyed, either way your hair colour is prone to fading and dullness , trying  for shades lighter, or soft highlights will enhance your existing hair colour.

Your Gray Hair

Gray hair can be  a permanent hair look by permanent Dye or either you can just get temporary hair dye by making them look like highlights against your darker hair . 

Hair highlights: 

Highlights add depth and great dimension to flat looking hair. Lowlights in red, copper, and tortoise (a blend of gold and copper) work beautifully for black and dark brown hair colours. You could even get both — highlights and lowlights. Seek professional assistance from a stylist when picking shades from a hair colour chart for suitable colour palette.

Look for Hair Colour Ideas Which Suit Your Skin’s Undertone !

Most people only describe their complexion in terms of its shade i.e. light, medium or dark. However, layers of skin hidden beneath the epidermis, give your complexion a ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ hue. There is a common misconception that light skin colours have cool undertones and dark complexioned persons have warm undertones. The truth is, all skin colours can have either a warm, cool or neutral tone.


Look at Your Skin examine your skin closely in a mirror, in a well-lit room. It would be better to do this in natural light. Try looking for gold/ yellow or pink/blue tones. If your skin has yellow hues, you have a warm undertone. A pinkish hue would mean a cool undertone. If you can’t really tell, then you might have a neutral undertone.


Blonde Hair Colours

Cool blonde hair colours for warm skin tones include champagne blonde, ash blonde, and strawberry blonde. 

Blonde Hair Colour Ideas for Cool Skin Tones

Warm blonde hair colour for cool skin:  Caramel blond, Honey blonde and Golden Blonde.

Colour Chart for Warm Skin Tones

Brown hair colours for warm skin tones : Chocolate brown, Ash Brown and Copper brown.

Brown Hair Colour Shades for Cool Skin Tones

Warm brown hair colours for cool skin tones : Chestnut brown and Mahogany brown.

Red Hair Colour for Warm Skin Tones

Red hair colours for warm skin tone: Red Velvet, Cherry, and Burgundy.

Red Hair Colour for Cool Skin Tones

Warm red hair colours for cool skin tones: Copper, Auburn and Ginger.

Some other factors on hair tones

Ofcourse , hair tones are evident from skin undertones, and they help to know whether the chosen hair colour will look good or not. Hair tones are visible in your hair when it comes in light. Tones, namely golden, auburn, red and smokey, add depth and dimension to your hair colour, besides giving the dye it’s warm and cool hues.

Choose the Perfect Shade from Hair Colour Charts

Hair colour is one of those things that has the ability to either make or break your look. So choose the colour which goes best with your skin tone , which we have talked about in detail above. Still there are many hair colours which tempts you to try on, so sharing a few more tips which will help you choose the best right hair colour.

Colour range

With the plethora of options available in hair colour it gets very difficult to decide on one. For example it’s not just Black or Red colour there are so many shades in red or blond you may tend to get confused. So please consult a professional to help you choose the right colour for you. 

Picking a colour that feels right

Pick highlights or full-head , Ombre or streaks, will also decide your final hair colour of choice. Hence choosing the best hair that you are comfortable in becomes imperative. Recommend to consult a professional hair stylist. 

Be sure of what you want permanent or temporary hair colours

There are many hair colour treatments available in the market. If you wish to only  experiment, go for semi-permanent hair colours. If you want to cover greys, go for permanent hair colours. Don’t forget to get touch-ups every month to match your roots to the rest of your hair.

Last Words on Hair Colour 

We all love change in our look , We Indians have signature dark hair going light is the only option. Which means if we want a new look for our hair we have to bleach and  bleach leads to damaging our tresses.

As  it takes a few sessions of colour treatment to go lighter, as sessions would be more you will  be spending more money to get a new hair colour. Our word of advice is to go with multiple sessions instead of trying to do everything in a single go. In a single seating, the colour applied to your hair will show off based on your natural hair colour, this will cause hair damage.

So go slow on your hair colour seating. 

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