How to Increase Sales During Festive Seasons

How to Increase Sales During Festive Seasons
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Here’s we plan how to increase sales during festive seasons! Our consumers continue to shop with us for every day artistic essentials and the trend will continue for festive shopping as well.

While the Covid19 pandemic has made online shopping a safe and convenient option – our research says that the upcoming festive time will see celebrations – but in a manner that’s safe and mindful.

Explore Your Top-selling Products

If they are new, unique, in sync with latest trends, suited for festive use or gifting – that would make them amazing. Don’t add too many products and keep what makes you special. And different.

Ensure you have enough inventory. People will want to buy in bulk for gifting. For colleagues, bosses, friends and family. Have enough and more ready to ship.

Product Inventory

Will you need to stock up on particularly popular items? Bring new items onboard for gift-wrapping or seasonality?

Offer Free Shipping and Return

Many retailers are using a free shipping policy to drive customer satisfaction, and even as a conversion tactic to drive revenue.

With benefits such as reduced cart abandonment, increased conversions, and happier customers, it’s easy to see why.

Free products returns can actually be used as conversion optimization strategy and the reason behind why is purely psychological:

We’re always looking for reassurance in the decisions we make, especially when it comes to parting ways with our hard-earned cash.

Online shopping is no different, customers want peace of mind when purchasing a product. They seek validation and financial security in their purchasing decisions.

By offering free return shipping to your customers, you’re sending a reassuring signal. You’re letting them know that even if they make the wrong decision about a product, they have the ability to quickly correct it.

Value-based Pricing

Value-based pricing could easily be called “customer-based pricing” because that’s essentially what it is. The more formal definition describes value-based pricing as basing a product or service’s price on how much the target consumers believe it’s worth. Instead of looking inwardly at your company or laterally toward competitors, value-based pricing gives you an outward look.

Product Content Optimization

Ensuring you are competing effectively and making the most of your revenue potential means data needs to be clean, complete and as informative as possible. 

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