How to Make Puppets – Kathputali

How to Make Puppets – Kathputali
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In the blog we should be learn How to Make Puppets – Kathputali is very intricate and involves a lot of patience. The process is conducted by both men and women. In Rajasthan the puppets made are of small size; with wooden heads, decorated with cloths and stuffed with chaan or cotton.

To make these puppets you’ll need

  • Cotton fabric (to make the puppets and for their clothes)
  • Sewing machine.
  • Threads and hook.
  • Pencil, pen.
  • Poster colour (for drawing puppets faces)
  • Black thread (for puppet hair)
  • Wire or heavy thread or plastic thread(if you don’t want the threads to be visible)
  • Small beads, mostly golden and red (for making jewelries of the puppet)
  • Lace (for making traditional hat for the male puppet).

Get start

How to Make Puppets

Firstly start process with drawing the body parts of the puppets on paper. The legs of these puppets are usually straight but the hands are angled at 80o -110o and the body shapes are usual. Height of the puppets should be around 9-11 inches. Make a sketch of body parts and cut them out; these will be used for making fabric cutouts. Number of fabric cutouts for each puppets are:

  1. Legs- 4 
  2. Hands- 4 
  3. Upper body- 2

After cutting of fabric you can start with making the puppets, sew 2 similar pieces together keeping one side open and fill it with waste fabrics or cottons. Sew all the body parts together make sure that hands of our puppets are flexible, so that you can make them move easily with the string or wire.

Secondly, after making puppet body the next thing is to make their clothes, accessories, attach hair, draw face etc. Use black threads to make the hair. Attach the hair by sewing with black thread and a needle. You can set the hair as you want, but I think braids look beautiful!

Clothes and accessories for puppets:

For boy: Shirt, short pant.

For girl: Top, skirt and scarf all together are known as ghagra dress you can choose your own colour for dress, for jewellery like earrings and necklace use small beads.

For bride: red blouse, red petticoat (like a skirt), red saree, small beaded necklace, bangles. You can see our blog with help of that blog you can easily dress your puppet saree.

For Groom: A kurta, a pajama, traditional hat( Pagadi), a scarf (hanker-chief).

For making face you can choose either poster colour or beads as per your own convenience. 

Tie a string on the puppets head (for keeping the body in balance) and two strings on both hands (hand movement is important).

Enjoy! Playing with your self made puppet.


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