How to Make Soft Toys DIY at Home

How to Make Soft Toys DIY at Home
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Are you also a Soft toys lovers or like to make soft toys DIY at home? Like us. Not always Soft toys are meant for Kids, At times when at malls or any other place were we see soft toys we feel like going back to our childhood time like playing with them. Not always buying can give us full satisfaction compared to Making that by our own hands. which is why we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for DIY plush toy tutorials that might help you all to make a few adorable ones of your own or for our kids.

Process of making a soft elephant toy and working tool

What is Soft Toy?

Soft Toy is a toy basically made of  fur like fabric and can be of different shapes like of an animal, doll, etc. They are filled with soft material like Cotton, Wool or Polyester fiberfill. These things give one a feeling of like someone is their with them during their difficult time of life. Do you also want these things in your life? So let’s create a someone with whom you can feel like having a friend.

Required Materials for Soft Toy

  • Paper and Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Cotton, Wool or Polyester fiberfill
  • Soft Fabric
  • Fabric Glue
  • Needle and Thread
  • Beads or Buttons

Making a Soft Toy / Stuffed Toy

  1. Choosing the right soft toy for making, if you are a beginner, it is better to select a simple design so it will be very easy for you to grasp the things for making.
  2. Choosing the color of fabric is very important part in making soft toys as colour combination makes a soft toy look realistic. Choosing soft fabrics like felt which are easy to work with and using velvet for materials like frock, jackets, coats etc will be a good idea.
  3. Drafting the animal on a paper before you make an outline on the fabric, it is always advisable. 
  4. Fold the fabric into half and place it without any crease on a flat surface and draw half of the outline on fabric
  5. Before cutting Remember to leave a little extra space from the outline as seam allowance, because when you sew it, the overall size will decrease. Cut two layers of the same shape.Cut the fabric through the outline drawn, with the help of a sharp scissors. 
  6. Place the fabric in such a way that the right sides face each other. Sew the two layers of fabric along the outline with same color thread. Leave either one leg or hand to be stitched later on. You might require this space to stuff Cotton, Wool or Polyester fiberfil inside.
  7. Reverse the fabric inside out so that the stitches stay inside hidden.
  8. Stuff cotton or wool inside stitched fabric. Old waste piece of fabric will also solve your need. Properly stuff things inside as it should not look messy outside.
  9. Stitch the open part left on the fabric for inserting Cotton.
  10. With the help of beads and buttons you can give the soft toy a lively effect creating eyes, nose, ears and lips. You can also use satin ribbon over the neck as bow to give realistic effect.

Give your kid a surprise with new soft toys every week. Hey, don’t go yet Remember to give it a nice name which would help to build a connection between your child and the toy. This basic method can be used for easy making of Soft toys in any shape. Their are many ideas you can choose from, the only limit is your imagination! You could even use this method to make scatter cushions or pillows.

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