Learn How to Make Spider Web Rose

Learn How to Make Spider Web Rose
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I have been a little bit obsessed with this stitch lately, so I thought I’d share a tutorial for Make Spider Web Rose. An obsession shared is an obsession…well, don’t really know what it is, but anyway, here’s the tutorial. 😉

The stitch has a lot of different names, for example, woven rose, wagon wheel rose, woven wheel and woven spoke. The stitch is very effective in ribbon embroidery where you really get a petal effect, but it’s very pretty with six-stranded cotton too. Use 3 strands of floss for this stitch it gives the fluffiest roses!

In this example I’ll start with a yellow centre, then finish the rose in a different colour. You can do the roses in a single colour instead if you like. Variegated floss works very well for this stitch.

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