Learn How to Paint Glass DIY: Complete Guide and Video tutorial

Learn How to Paint Glass DIY: Complete Guide and Video tutorial
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Love the look of colored and painted glassware? Me too! With a little direction, guidance and practice, you will have no trouble mastering the art of glass painting. Paint Glass DIY is an great skill to learn, whether you’re looking to create some DIY homedecor, want something fun to do with your kids or want to start business with your creativity. Here are some guidelines for you to look at with plenty of tips and advice to get you started..

Paint Glass DIY Art

Glass art refers to individual works of art that can be done by painting texture, dots, and many other techniques. It ranges in size, designs, techniques. Glass art is a beautiful way to create stunning pieces of art in the form of windows, glasses, ornamental items, and much more. Glass painting is a contemporary art which is derived from the age old art of stained glass painting which involves putting smaller coloured pieces of glass together. At home (as a hobby), glass paintings can be as wall hangings, wine glasses painting, on windows, acrylic sheets, cups, mugs, tiles, mirrors etc.

Paint Glass DIY

What Supplies You Need for Paint Glass DIY

  1. Clean glassware
  2. Rubbing alcohol or white vinegar
  3. Mild soap and water
  4. Foam plate or palette
  5. Acrylic paint or glass paint
  6. Soft bristle brushes, foam daubers, and/or spouncers
  7. Paper towels
  8. Toothpick, ear cleaning bud or any other product

Glassware to use

  • Painting on Wine Bottles
  • Paint on Glass Windows
  • Painting on Glass Jars
  • Paint on Glass Ornaments
  • Painting on Glass Coasters
  • Paint on Glass Vases
  • Painting on Glass Pendants

Paint Glass DIY is having various ranges

Acrylic enamel paint

Paint Glass DIY

Enamel paint has a glossy look and is oil based paint finish. This seem like an oxymoron but it’sactually more of a best of both worlds situation. Acrylic enamel paints bond to a wide variety of glass surface and form a hard shell that helps ensure your color stays in place.

Acrylic glass paint

Paint Glass DIY

This type of glass paint is purely acrylic-based, but it’s different from your standard acrylics, which don’treadily adhere to the smooth surface of glass. The FolkArt Enamels are the best paints for a glass surface.

Solvent-based paint

Paint Glass DIY

Solvent-based paints contain high level organic that bind to glass better than their traditional water- based counterparts. The organic compounds ensure a hard and durable finish that resists scratches and abrasions on yoursurface. You’ll get a super-saturated color with solvent-based paint, but keep in mind that these paints are more toxic (and much harder to clean) than acrylics.

Glass painting markers and pens

Paint Glass DIY

These are a fantasticoption if you’re looking for an easy medium to work with, and especially if you’re glass painting with kids. Choose from pens and markers in a variety of colours and tip sizes, and skip the work of having to clean brushes when you’re done.

How to Prepare a Glass Surface for Painting

First, wash the glass thoroughly in warm, soapy water to remove dirt, dust, and grease film. Next, rinse the glass in warm water and let dry completely. Dampen a paper towel with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and wipe the stemware to ensure it is clean of any remaining soap film. Set aside for 15 minutes to air- dry. The glass surface is now ready for paint.

Tricks to use for Painting Glass:

1. Choose paints wisely

Not all paint is made to be used on glass. Many types of paint are toxic and not to be used on pieces that you eat or drink out of. Be sure to choose paint specifically for glass.

2. Choose your brush/pens wisely

You can use the brush of your choice when painting on glass but note that synthetic brushes will leave brushstrokes and natural hair brushes can pick up more paint resulting in a smoother surface.

3. Practice it before

You won’t be drawing your design right on the glass. Instead,you’ll be drawing it on paper. To get the correct size of thedesign, roll a piece of paper so it fits inside your glass. Trace thetop edge of the glass onto the paper. Your design shouldn’t belarger than this marked line.

4. Make surface clean

Clean your glass and work area thoroughly before beginning. It may also be a good idea to wear gloves to prevent oily smudges from your fingers to become part of the design.

5. Don’t apply too much pressure

When you apply pressure on the surface of glassware don’t put much pressure as it makes your design not that good looking.

6. Apply thick

Glass paint tends to take awhile to dry and can crack if painted over too soon. To avoid applying layers, paint one thick coat on the glass.

Paint Glass DIY

7. Fix mistakes with a cotton swab or toothpick

You can dip the cotton swab in alcohol to get rid of any mistakes and use the toothpick to scrape away mistakes that have dried.8. Use painter’s tape for clean straight lines
You don’t necessarily have to hand-draw your own design. Usepainter’s tape for crisp lines or a stencil if that’s what you prefer.

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