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Patchwork, as the name suggests, working of patches. Patchwork is the art of joining different patches, or pieces of cloth to make a single craft item. Different pieces with different shapes and patterns can be used in limitless creative manner to make a patchwork. Its significant vibrate in color and pattern is what makes Patchwork so popular, all around the World.

History of Patchwork

The history of patch is not all recent. It dates back as far as 980 BC Egypt. Patchwork was used by early Egyptians on their clothing, and walls. Earliest preserved pieces of patchwork are of the Middle ages. A Egyptian Queen Esi-Mem-Kev who used to live at time around 980 BC used a Patchwork funeral canopy was found in the tomb. Not only in Egypt, but many early patchworks have been found in Ancient and Medieval Indian and Chinese civilization. Another example of patchwork in Egypt is carved ivory figure discovered in 1903. It was a Pharaoh from the first dynasty of Egypt, around 3400 BC.



Using the method of patchworks, people in medieval Europe began making blankets in similar fashion. They used different kinds of clothes of different colours and patterns and made it into a single thick, warm cloth. From Europe, the technique of making quilts by this method was taken to America. 

The Indian subcontinent has quite some history with the art of Patchwork. It was used for making numerous artifacts and decoratives. Kaudhi called in Karnataka is the similar art of patchwork. Different tribes, especially of Rajasthan are still seen wearing pathworked dresses.


Patchwork is still very popular among fashion designers, and this work can be seen in many fashion displays. The modern abstract form of art is heavily inspired by the method of Patchwork. Using of random pieces, or making it in a definite pattern, there are uncountable ways in which one can show their creativity in patchwork. The colored shapes can be randomly pieced or follow a strict order to create a specific effect.

Along with simply joining different patches, it can also be stitched and embroidered in specific manner to create different arts. The typical patchwork block is 52 to 65 sq. cm. but the flexibility of use of any sizes is limitless. 


In the present day scenario, patchwork clothes are very fashionable. Different types of fabric, like silk, valvet, cotton, etc are being used and fused with fabulous creativity to produce some of the most amazing fashion trends.  

The use of patchwork is not only limited to clothes and fabric. There are many painters and artists who use the concept of patchwork in their abstract art. Patchwork glass stain paintings are very popular too.

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