Top 6 Hair Spa Procedure at Home Benefits, Reason and Treatments

Top 6 Hair Spa Procedure at Home Benefits, Reason and Treatments
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With all this Stressful and busy lifestyle, People only have time for champi or oil massage on Sunday. But you can get the benefits of a Hair Spa Procedure at Home. For many hair problems Hair spa is the most recommended solution. Let’s have a look at what exactly a hair spa is.

In this post, we provide information about:

  • What is a hair spa
  • Purpose of hair spa
  • The top 6 gains from hair spa
  • 6 different types of hair spa treatments
  • Process of a hair spa at home

Hair care is an overall term for hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair which grows from the human scalp, and to a lesser extent facialpubic and other body hair.

Hair Spa Procedure at Home

What is a Hair Spa Procedure at Home?

Hair spa has very amazing and great benefits that makes the hairs healthy. The hair spa let’s you relax and the hairs feel smooth and soft immediately. After the Hair spa treatment, effects of pollution, dirt and sun can be reduced and also the hairs becomes more strong and stimulates growth.

Purpose of Hair Spa Procedure at Home

Thinking about getting a spa? Or whether you require a spa? Well, if you want to get rid of hair and scalp problems, you must get a spa. The Hair spa treatment is very beneficial for various common hair problems like:

  • Slow hair growth
  • Dry and dull hair
  • Rough hair
  • Thinning hair
  • Hair fall
  • Oily scalp
  • Hair breakage
  • Dry and itchy scalp
  • Dandruff

If you love to experiment with your Hair like rebonding, colouring, curling, smoothening, bleaching and other chemical hair treatments. Then there’s a great chance that you might face these problems. To reduce the hair damage, Hair spa is very nourishing and effective and reduces the impact of damage caused by chemical hair treatments. 

6 Different Types of Hair Spa Treatments

For the Hair spa, you must know the requirements according to hair type, scalp issues or other problems that you might be facing, after the Hair assessment, Professionals suggest you the spa accordingly. At salons after evaluation, suitable hair spa treatments are suggested. Some well known Hair spa are: 

Hair Spa Procedure at Home

1. Hair Spa for Dandruff

This is an anti-dandruff hair spa treatment, which deals with dandruff which can be invisible. The products used in this spa are to bring lustre and smoothness to the hair also it helps in rejuvenating the hairs and for the much admired clean scalp.

TIP: For Dandruff free scalp and healthy hair, Use Lavender oil. 

2. Hair Spa for Hair Fall

The most common problem is excessive hair fall. This can leave your hair thin. Hair spa treatment for hair fall requires Hair spa to be done at regular intervals preferably twice a month, to make the hair fall problem go away. The Hair spa treatment for hair fall will have omega-3 fatty acids and other ingredients which can help to balance healthy hairs and promote hair growth.

3. Hair Spa for Oily Hair and Scalp

The oily scalp leads to dandruff and lack of hair volume. The Hair spa treatment for oily hair and scalp refreshes the scalp and also balances the oil. This hair spa is not at all harsh on the hair and it also aids in keeping the hair smooth and radiant.

4. Hair Spa Treatment for Itchy Scalp

Itchiness is caused due to dry scalp. This always leads to discomfort. Many salons offer hair spa treatment for this. The products used in this hair spa treatment soothe the scalp and helps in eliminating itchiness.

5. Hair Spa Treatment for Coloured Hair

Usage of chemicals like Hair colours require more protection and care. The coloured hair becomes weak and are breakable easily. Most salons offer Colour radiance hair spa treatment that protects the colour against pollution and sun damage. These hair spa treatments include filters which maintains the hair colour and prevents fading.

6. Hair Smoothening Spa Treatment

Hair spa treatment for smoothening is suggested to make the hair manageable and to make the hair smooth and radiant. The people with curly hair tend to like this more to make the hair better to manage properly. The products used are infused with rich oils and antioxidants. 

You can always opt for a Hair spa at home from AFDAY, when you are busy or lazy to visit parlour. Also you can take suggestions from the professionals of AFDAY, for hair care products suitable for your hair. You can apply these products until the next hair spa and make your hair reap the benefits. This will result in your hair becoming more smoother, radiant and stronger. 

The Top 6 Gains from Hair Spa

There is a myth about hair spa being expensive, some people don’t even know the benefits of hair spa. There are different hair spa treatments available for different hair types, that are very budget friendly. The Hair treatment can be simple or advanced. As per recommendations simple spa treatment should be there at regular intervals and advanced for extraordinary events or occasions, these advanced hair spa treatments can be chosen if one is dealing with hair problems and severe issues. 

some benefits for hair spa treatments are given below:

1. It Conditions the Hair

Among all the gains from Hair spa treatment, deep conditioning is one. Products that are used at salons as well as at home include hydration for hair to become shiny soft and smooth.

2. It reduces Oil Secretion

If you are suffering an issue with dry or oily scalp, the regular hair treatments can reduce the oil secretion in the scalp. For an oily scalp, the salon professionals use the products which can help in normalising oil in the scalp and rejuvenates and refreshes it. For dry scalp products which provide nourishment and promote oil secretion are used. 

3. The Blood Circulation is improved

Hair massages are well known for promoting blood circulation in the scalp. The hair massage also aids in hair growth. Hair spa treatments help you alot to grow your hair faster. If you want to get rid of hair fall, hair spa is the cure. 

4. Restores the Damaged Hair

The hairs get damaged from periodic usage of styling tools, heating, pollution, hair colouring, bleaching, bad diet and even stress. The hair spa being very relaxing relieves the stress and helps to restore the damaged hair and makes it soft, healthy, smooth and shiny. 

5. It lower down the Hair and Scalp Issues

Hair problems like hair fall, premature greying, hair breakage, dandruff, etc. People suffering from these hair problems can take benefits of different types of hair spa treatments to deal with each of these problems.

6. It Calms the Mind

The Hair spa aids to calm the mind and relieves the stress. The techniques used in hair spa to massage the scalp relieves the tension of your head including neck and shoulders and relaxes them. 

Process of Hair Spa at Home

Spa treatments at salons, if seems  expensive to you, then one can anytime  book Afday’s hair spa at home service from the peace of your home through mobile itself. Also, you can choose to do a hair spa treatment at home by yourself. The requirements will be some hair care products as for your hair type. The following are the hair spa steps: 

Step 1: Hair Oil

Apply hair oil to scalp and hair, massage it properly and thoroughly and then relax till it seeps. 

Step 2: A nourishing hair mask 

Apply a hair mask to your hair that will provide nourishmnet to your hair type. Spread the hair mask to the length of the hair, cover every strand. 

Step 3: A hot towel

Take a hot towel and wrap it around your head, which will help to open the pores. The hair will be able to absorb nourishment from oil and hair mask completely. 

Step 4: A hair cap

Put on a hair cap and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes. The hair will be able to absorb the hair mask completely.

Step 5: Massage the hair 

Massage your hair once again to distribute the remaining hair mask to the hair. If the hairs seem to be more dry then you should apply a hair mask once again by making another layer of hair mask and leave it for next 10-15 minutes.

Step 6: Wash the hair

Wash the hair with a gentle and mild shampoo. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner.

Step 7: Remove the excess water

Now, remove the excess water from the hair. To finish off apply some serum. Let the hair dry naturally.

You can buy all needed products and accessories from

The hair will feel soft, smooth and nourished after just one hair spa treatment, with the process followed at home as well. The benefits from a salon hair spa includes the products chosen from hair professionals, specifically suitable for your hair type and which addresses the hair concern. Also, you can anytime book Afday’s hair spa, and get the service of our experts done at peace of your own home.

Conclusion – Hair Spa, The Gains and Benefits

After getting to know what a hair spa is, make sure to make the hair spa a part of the hair care routine.

But, along with this, also take care of your diet and lifestyle. Which aids in a healthy body and hair. The ideal balanced diet must ensure that the hair and body gains the most required and maximum nutrition. Also, avoid heat styling your hair very often, even dryers to dry the hair. The heat from dryer as well as other heating tools damages the hair, making it breakable and dry.

A good hair care routine can make the hair stronger, smooth and radiant, which will bring confidence and compliments to you. 

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