Best Trending Blouse Designs Ideas – 2021

Best Trending Blouse Designs Ideas – 2021
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A blouse is a timeless female garment which found a place in our closets ages back and still continues to be an imperative part of it. Even though trending blouse designs ideas was formerly just an ordinary garment piece covering the body from the neck or shoulders to the waistline. It has now completely evolved and has a rather great scope of creating a style statement.

As a result of putting their best fashion foot forward. a lot of girls these days are completely ditching the dupattas and wearing their blouses as crop tops with lehenga skirts or dhoti pants to make them the highlight of their wedding attire. There are even some who are taking their saree game to another level simply by wearing offbeat blouse designs.

Trending Designs of Bridal Blouse

Brides of today are also being experimental and giving enough attention to their bridal trending blouse designs. While some are getting their love stories embroidered on their blouses, there are others who are incorporating cutesy elements such as Doli cut works, oversized latkans and feather laces to it.

Even if you might have decided which blouse style suits you the best, there’s another important element you shouldn’t be missing – the back side of your blouse. Yes, there are so many options available for the back design of your blouse style that you’ll be definitely spoilt for choice.

One look through the internet and you’ll find uncountable blouse designs-right from the very basic ones featuring minimalistic embroideries and round necklines to the ever-stylish ones having elaborate details and cape style sleeves.

Types of Trending Blouse Designs

Trending Blouse Designs

From the very basic to extreme glam, we’ve fetched more than 100 blouse designs that you’ll go gaga over. Be it for a simple saree, bridesmaid lehenga or a bridal lehenga, these blouse designs are the perfect inspiration you need.

Readymade Saree Blouse Designs

Online shopping can save you the stress of dealing with shopping at malls and worrying about stitching etc. There are a huge number of ready made contemporary, traditional and designer blouses that are available online. We have given you the links to the best latest ready made saree blouse designs in our “ Online Shopping ” section, so that you can shop from your home. Cheers! 

Trending Blouse Designs

Your favourite blouse designs:

Back Neck Blouses

In other words if you choose this back neck blouses, you get a choice to attach tassels or get border design at the back or be extra creative with the designing as shown in these pictures.

Backless Blouses

Backless’ and ‘blouse’ are almost synonymous, according to me. My mother hates me for it, that’s another story. But there’s nothing more sensuous or attractive than a backless blouse and for all the right reasons. You know what else is the best thing about a backless blouse? Such as it goes with just about any saree and fabric, as long you can pull it off. But, I agree why some people think that these might look a little off. If they are not treated and designed well, it can look borderline sleazy.

Blouse Designs for Silk Saree

Certainly a wedding is undoubted, to be the most important day in a girl’s life. Every girl wants to look best on her wedding day. There are many ceremonies at a wedding which requires different attires for each occasion. Such as pattu saree plays a major role in all parts of the wedding ceremony. I have listed some of the handpicked blouse designs for silk sarees. Have a look at the different styles and patterns of blouse designs.

Blouse Neck Designs

It is quite a task to find sarees that appeal to our liking. When we finally get our hands on these beautiful drapes, the next thing that we look for are some pretty blouse designs. For one thing now, this is a tricky one! Selecting a blouse neckline that works for you, from those countless options available online, can get really confusing.

A blouse neckline can make or break your whole look. It might seem silly, but is actually true. There are an assortment of designs out there, our goal is to find the one that works for you. A neckline should be such that it accentuates your body type. But worry not! We have got you covered on this one. Let’s look into some of these.

Blouse with Net on Back

If you want to rock a backless blouse and flaunt your toned back but are hesitant to show too much skin, then go for these Net Blouses have beautiful designs. these patterns made upon them. Clearly these designs stand out in the crowd and will surely make heads turn when you’ll walk down the aisle.

Boat Neck Blouse

Boat neck blouse designs are the hottest trend in the fashion market. Such as they are highly versatile and suitable for everyone and with almost any saree variety. Ofcourse from rich Kanchi silks to slinky chiffons, choose from one of these boat (bateau) neck patterns to look stunning.

Boutique Blouses

Ditch The Ordinary! Glam Up Your Sarees With Bespoke Boutique Blouses.

Bridal Saree Blouses

If you had still been wondering that a basic round neck blouse is all you can pair with your scintillating silk sarees, let us prick the bubble for you already! We skimmed through the internet and fetched some of the best South Indian blouse designs for you. Check out for yourself and save the ones you love!

Brocade Designs Blouse

rocade fabric has a luxurious aura and you can get a gorgeous blouse stitched right from your local tailor or masterji. When this opulent fabric is meets with the right cuts and fit it can give designer blouses a run for their money. Further more these brocade blouses can work for simple occasions like parties or even more grand occasion like for weddings. Infact many brides these days opt for brocade blouses to pair with their silk sarees. If you are still trying to decide neck or sleeve pattern for your brocade blouse here is an exclusively curated list of trending designs this season from which you can take inspiration.

Celebrity Blouse Designs

We have provided you latest trendy blouse designs that you can try in any function whatever you like. So many designs we have put for you and with variations. Such as the blouse designs that we have showed you, you can buy from credible online stores. So what you’re waiting for?

Cocktail Blouses

We’re bringing you the dos and don’ts of cocktail attire. Some of these tips might be obvious, but others might surprise you. And in addition to our cocktail attire commandments, we’re showing you where to shop the pieces that will ensure you’re always dressed appropriately. Such as keep scrolling to discover how to look your chicest at your next cocktail soirée.

Collar Neck Blouses

Collar Neck Blouse is one of most picked blouse pattern by the Bollywood actresses. Indeed every woman should have it in her closet so that she can add a sporting and rocking effect to her saree.

Corset Blouses

Corsets have had a terrible reputation for being painful and were similar to a torture device used to shape a woman’s body in the medieval age. The modern-day corsets, however, are not painful — they come in effortless ready-to-wear styles that are charming, romantic, yet subtle. The corset top is also surprisingly versatile; whether you chose to save it for the bedroom, or wear it for a girls night out, there are several ways to style and incorporate this trend into your style.

If you think we have left any prominent style of blouse design in the blog post, feel free to drop the comment below. We do love to hear from you!

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