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Whipped stitching is a simple style of stitching embroidery, mainly used in sewing and knitting. It’s a hand sewing technique only, can be used to join two fabrics together, or give round edges. Whip stitch is also used in knitting and crochet to join pieces together. Like sewing the sides of a jumper or the shoulder seams. When sewn neatly the whip stitches disappear into the knitted or crochet stitches making a durable and very neat seam.


  • An embroidery hoop
  • Sewing needles of different sizes (as per need)
  • Pencil 
  • Small scissors 
  • Small pieces of cotton fabric
  • Normal cotton thread
  • Ruler 

Follow us on this free, easy, simple guide on how to begin with whipped stitching.

  1. At the very basic level, we will learn the joining of two fabrics with whipped stitching. Place both the layers of fabric, one above another, and put in the needle from between the fabrics, and let it out from above.
  1. Next, bring down the needle and place the pointy side at the bottom side of the lower layer of fabric. This will create a circular wrap at the edge of the fabric layers.
  1. Put the needle through the lower fabric and make sure it comes out from the first hole. Next, bring it down in a circular manner again, put it through the hole of the bottom layer, but make sure (!), this time you bring out the needle through the side way of the upper layer.
  1. Now, repeat the same process, and sew in a circular manner around the edge.

The main characteristic of the Whipped stitch is sewing in a circular manner. Using this patter, boundaries of various shapes can be made as well as decorate a simple running stitch.

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