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Zig zag stitch is a very gorgeous stitch in embroidery. It is very similar to chain stitch embroidery, just the difference is that zig zag stitch, as the name says, goes in zig zag manner.

It is a back-and-forth stitch used where a straight stitch will not suffice, such as in reinforcing buttonholes, in stitching stretchable fabrics, and in temporarily joining two work pieces edge-to-edge.

Helen Blanchard is said to have invented and patented the first zigzag stitch sewing machine in 1873.  Zig zag sewing although today done with sewing machines, but it can be well done also with hand stitching. 


  • An embroidery hoop
  • Sewing needles of different sizes (as per need)
  • Pencil 
  • Small scissors 
  • Small pieces of cotton fabric
  • Normal cotton thread
  • Ruler 

Here we bring you the simplest step by step guide for getting you started with the Zig Zag Stitch right away.

  1. If you are a beginner to stitching or are new to the zig zag stitching method, it is recommended to draw a straight lines with pencil on the practice fabric. Make sure to draw the line with pencil only.
  2. Bring the needle up through the fabric on the bottom of the fabric and insert the needle back into the same point, where it came out and take a stitch distance of the fabric to have the needle emerge about one centimeter distance on the top line. 
  3. Now wrap the thread at the back of the needle around the needle point. Pull the needle all the way up, and you will see a loop is being formed. The concept is to form a chain of loops, but in a zig zag manner.
  4. Now again, put the needle into the point where it previously came out from. And again take a stitch distance of the fabric, and let the needle re emerge from the fabric with one centimeter of distance.

But the main (!) point of the Zig Zag stitch is here. Make sure to make the second stabbing of the needle for the second loop a bit slanting (about 60 degrees from the previous loop). Continuing the same sequence, you should produce a beautiful zig zag stitch.  

The zig zag stitch can be varied too. To make the stitch more full, you can give multiple rounds of loops with a single stitch, and continue in the same way making every other loops. Or you can give different angles and sizes to the lopps and form flowers or differnet patterns and designs. Like any other embroidery methods, the limit is only creativity.

Such way this stitching can also be used for creative fillers for some purposes.

Majorly, the zig zag stitch is used for producing beautiful and creaticve bounderies on different kinds of embroidery projects.

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